So we record our Podcast Episodes together and in person. That was kind of the whole point. Getting to have some "Bro Time". You might be wondering where the episodes went. When COVID-19 happened, we were overly cautious because we have people in our lives who are high risk, and we did not want to mess with that. Our jobs were also affected which prohibited us from getting a *proper* remote set up in our own homes. We are NOT finished recording episodes! People need to laugh now more than ever. Even though we have not been publishing new episodes, we have been gaining audience. We love audience. Thank you audience!
We even received an email indicating that we hit a milestone. Over 1,500 downloads! That might not seem like a huge deal compared to "Big Podcasts" but to us, it was simply amazing. As a thank you, here is the only episode of "Prep Boi, Chef Boi" that we filmed back in May of 2019 for our Patreon Subscribers. We were testing the waters back then about what kind of content to produce. (Let us know if this needs to make a comeback!)
As for the future of our podcast, we WILL be returning to monthly episodes as soon as we can work out logistics!
[In the meantime, we have been exploring a new hobby while in quarantine and Russ is going to start streaming it on his twitch channel.]
For now, please enjoy this episode of Prep Boi, Chef Boi! And thanks for all the support you have shown us!


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